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[Wever & Ducrè - REVER] “Belgium with Love” Designed by MARCELLO ZILIANI

Wever & Ducré teamed up with renowned designer Marcello Ziliani, who created an eclectic collection of luminaires. The lapels of men’s jackets served as a model for the diffusers’ shape. The lamp body is composed of a single piece of injection-moulded polycarbonate. Inspired by delicate linens, the surface texture is achieved by a complex, cutting-edge laser technology. Available in a variation of colours and metal finishes, REVER provides every room with an elegant yet warm atmosphere.

The Italian architect and product designer Marcello Ziliani loves to look at things in a different light. With REVER, the creative mind combined timeless design with functionality

- Single piece of injection-moulded polycarbonate, a highly technical polymer very similar to glass
- extremely robust, scratch- and temperature resistant
- colour palette allows achieving a rich, full lighting effect
- laser-cut the surfaces of the moulds, which is a complex, cutting edge technology
- Available at 5 different colours, 4 different galvanic metal details and black / white colour cable, mix and match with 40 combinations.

Made in Italy

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