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Cobra Wall_White innermost lighting wall lamp 壁燈
innermost_COBRA-Wall_HRCorner Of A Modern Bedroom With White Walls, A Wooden Floor, A DCorner Of A Modern Bedroom With White Walls, A Wooden Floor, A DCobra Wall Rendering_NO BACK PLATE innermost lighting wall lamp 壁燈Cobra_webCobra1-for-new-webCobra3-for-new-websiteCobra Nube 2Cobra Nube 3innermost_COBRA_USB-Charging-StationCobra Nube 1Cobra Nube with wireCobra-Wall_Brown_base

“COBRA NUDE” White Painted 2.5W LED Reading Wall Lamp

HKD 1,921.00


Cobra by Innermost

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Cobra is a wall mounted LED task light with a fully adjustable, flexible stem. The light has a touch-activated switch and comes with a USB charging socket that supports the latest generation smart phones and tablets. The unit comes with a detachable optional backplate that can be removed for installation directly onto furniture and bedsteads.
Cobra 90 has a 90cm stem covered in natural leather; in white leather with white inner hood or in brown leather with gold anodized inner hood. Cobra Nude is 45cm long with a black or white painted stem finish.
This flexible and smart lamp suits any interior, giving focused, directional illumination. The perfect bedside or desk lamp for modern life, Cobra is stylish and tech savvy.

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Cobra 45 Nude

Material: Steel, aluminium

Dimensions: Cobra Nude is 45cm L fully extended from top of switch box to end of hood

Colours and Product Codes:
WHITE: (White painted stem, White inner hood, White semi-gloss switch box)
UK/EU: WC07813501

BLACK: (Black painted stem, Gold anodised aluminium inner hood, Black semi-gloss switch box)
UK/EU: WC07813502

Switch Box Dimensions:
9cm W x 13.7cm H x 4cm D (no back plate)
10cm W x 14.5cm x 4cm D (with back plate)

Light source: Integrated LED Source, CREE LED, chip life 40,000 hours, 2.5W, 200lm, 3000-3500K, CRI (Ra) 80, Beam Angle 160°
Universal Driver, USB Charger 5V 1.2 mA, touch dimmer switch.
Cosmetic plate optional for UK/EU


Brand 品牌

Innermost U.K.