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CG1608RB Rock 92
CG1608RB Dim01CG1608RB Dim02CG1608RB Cutout

CG1608RB ROCK 92 13W LED 3000k to 2000k Recessed Down(餘-2-Left)

HKD 950.00
HKD 760.00

Brand: CG Lighting H.K.

Rock 92, Recessed Down Light 3000k to 2000k
Model : CG1608RB

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Colour : White
Material : Die cast Aluminium
LED Chips : Sharp LED
Dimmerable : Yes
Wattage : 13W
Kelvin : 3000K
Lumen : 800 lm at 3000k
CRI : 92
Dimension : ø92mm surface
Cutout : ø82mm
Rotation angle : +-18º
Voltage : 100V-240V ~ 50-60Hz Class 1
LED Driver :Including Dimmable electronic driver 500mA
Lifetime : 30,000 hrs
Warranty : 1 year

Feature :
New dimmable SHARP LED from 3000K at full power, the LED colour temperature will gradually go down to 2000K when the LED is dimmed. When dimmed the LED provides the same warm tones as a dimmed halogen or incandescent light.

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CG1608RB graduat dimmer


Brand 品牌

CG Lighting H.K.