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CG1591G New Bridge Wall Lamp Thumbnail
CG1591G LED Reading Lamp Wall Lamp Dimension

CG1591G “New Bridge” LED 7.5W+1W Plywood Wall Reading Lamp((Display unit 陳列品x1))

HKD 1,350.00
HKD 675.00

Brand: CG Lighting H.K.

New Bridge Ply-wood Dual Wall Light
Model : CG1591G

Colour : Brown with chrome reading light
+ 2 rocker switches on the base
Material : Ply-wood cover, base colour White
Lamp Base : Built-in LED
Including non-dimmable drive 500mA
Wattage : 7.5W LED wall light + 1W Spot Reading Light 30 degrees lens
Colour Temperature : 3000k Warm Yellow
Voltage : 100V-240V ~ 50-60Hz Class 1
Warranty : 1 year


Brand 品牌

CG Lighting H.K.