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Fanaway ceiling fan收合扇吊扇燈風扇燈Evo1whextentedEvo1whclose

211035 “Fanaway® EVO 1-2016″ Prevail LED 48″ White 30K/40K/50K 可調光

HKD 4,330.00
HKD 3,980.00

Brand: Fanaway Ceiling Fan 澳洲品牌吊扇燈/風扇燈

2016 年全新LED可調光暗及色溫3000K/4000K/5000K

Fanaway Retractable Ceiling Fan
Fanaway Evo1 Prevail retractable blades ceiling fan and LED light in white with clear acrylic blades and colour shifting technology, remote control compatible (Included)

The Fanaway Evo1 Prevail LED fan and light has unique technology where you can choose between 3000K Warm White to 5000k Cool white colour temperature by the flick of a switch.

Joe Villella

Original Inventor : Joe Villella

48 Inches ( 122 cm ) sweep diameter
- Total height including downrod : 420mm (16.5 inches)
- Color : White
- Feature : Transparent retractable blade
- Remote controller included
- Light Source : 40W LED
**(3000K/4000K/5000K warm white/soft white light/cool white light)
- Lumen : 2200lm
- 1 year full warranty + 1 year motor dealership warranty
*To state different between those infringing retractable blades ceiling fans and avoiding bought a counterfeit retractable structure technology.  And to know more about regarding intelligent property patented structure from Hong Kong Intellectual Property Department, please click the link below and enter Hong Kong Patent/Publication No. : 1161340
為避免購入盗版結構自動開合吊扇燈,詳情可向香港特別行政區政府知識產權署專利結構查詢,可到以下連結後輸入香港專利/發表編號: 1161340
編號: 2160. 類別: .


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